Allison B.

"I’m going to be honest, I was a bit nervous about placenta encapsulation. I saw an ad for Bloom on Facebook talking about the benefits and possibilities that come from placenta encapsulation. I debated for a couple days then finally decided I was gonna send an email and get more info. 

Shannon emailed be back quickly and called me the next day. She was able to address all my questions and concerns in a single call. She helped me understand the whole process on her end and what I needed to do on my end. Shannon even delivered a placenta cooler to my place of work for me to use in transporting my placenta after delivery. 

Now, the baby is on the way and I text Shannon to let her know. I inform my nurse I want my placenta. I was GBS+. The nurse informed me that do to the fact that I was GBS+ they would not be releasing my placenta to me. I immediately text Shannon, who goes above and beyond, contacting the hospital to get me everything I need to make sure I get my placenta. And we got it!! 

She picked it up the following morning, I had baby shortly before midnight, and brought me back my capsules the next day. I started taking them immediately. Now this was my fourth baby and the first time I’d ever done encapsulation so I can tell you that I recovered a lot quicker. I was up and moving within a short time, and didn’t feel the need to lay around. I had energy I wasn’t used to having right after a baby. My emotions and my body didn’t have the chaotic time period that comes after child birth. Everything was a smooth transition. 

My husband recently asked if I’d do placenta encapsulation again with our next baby. It’s a definite yes. He stated that he, himself, noticed so many differences in my recovery with the capsules and my last recovery without them. He was a skeptic when I first told him what I wanted, but now he has seen and understands the amazing things that came from a part of me that would have normally been thrown away. 

Shannon at Bloom is life changing! She took the time to educate me, and went above and beyond to help me get what I needed for me and my Postpartum recovery. I am so grateful for her and the experience I had. 

Thank you Shannon! 


Cherry Blossom

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