I know what it’s like to feel the constant weight of depression pulling you down, while spending all of your energy trying to pull yourself out of it. 


I know what it’s like to bring a new baby into the world, but feeling the overwhelming sense of dread and numbness.  You spend time making sure that baby is fed, warm and cuddled but feeling like something isn't right. Feeling disconnected from the world, motherhood and baby. Feeling guilty for not having bonded with this beautiful baby right away and spending a huge amount of time trying to hide the struggle


I know what it’s like to feel like postpartum depression was inevitable and inescapable, and to spend the joyful time of pregnancy worried about when that will show up in your life again. 


I know what it’s like to think “that time after having my baby was a nightmare” and “the lowest point of my life


I know what it’s like to feel empty with nothing more to give, and spending all of your time and energy just to simply move through each day while feeling alone and not entirely like yourself.

The shame, guilt, and failure I felt during these times was overwhelming...


 I also know what it looks like on the other side…


I know what it’s like to feel stronger and more in control of my life and the world around me, while having energy to move forward and make progress.


I know what it’s like to be able to appreciate the small moments with my baby and still spend time doing things that I enjoyed before becoming a mom. 


I know what it’s like to become a more informed consumer and be more aware of my own preferences and options. I know that feeling of being empowered and in control of my body while understanding “I CAN DO HARD THINGS” 


I know that taking care of yourself is not selfish, and when you spend the time looking into resources for yourself--you are able to give everyone around you the best of you


...and not just what’s left of you.


I am here to make your Postpartum time easier.


Throughout my own PPD/depression experiences, I have become in tune with women experiencing the same thing, and all I wanted to do was help.  I began researching and experiencing mental and lifestyle shifts that can help with depression. I wanted other women around me to understand that you can have preferences, and that you can have a birth experience a little more how you want it. I wanted women to understand that you can create better birth experiences through educating yourself and making those choices. 


In 2014 I became a doula. I was able to interact with, assist and empower women in a more personal way. In the years that followed, I started looking at other things I could offer my doula clients and I heard about placenta encapsulation. It was intriguing, and I decided that it would be a good thing for so many women. I wanted to continue making a difference. I wanted to give my clients and other women in the community the resources for having it done if they thought it would help them. So I started encapsulating placentas. Even though I had never had experience with encapsulation myself, and wasn’t 100% sold on it; I was supportive of women who chose it. 


My first client told me about her amazing results, and the almost instant benefits that she could feel.  She had been extremely worried about postpartum depression, breastmilk supply and recovery, and I watched the relief wash over her. I encapsulated for a woman with four children, who had struggled in each pregnancy. Within just a few days, she noticed the difference.  As I continued encapsulating, the positive feedback grew. These women were noticing a real difference in their lives, and I could see and feel the relief.  I was ready to learn everything I could.  When someone had a question, I wanted to be able to answer it. 

Yes—I knew it was taboo, but I saw the results so clearly that I knew it needed to be shared. 

I encapsulated my own placenta with my last little guy. I finally experienced this process I’d been raving about for myself. I felt the difference for myself after encapsulating for just one of my five babies. I knew how much this was needed.


Over the years, I would see and talk to women who really wanted to try encapsulation, but they were talked out of it because their OB, midwife or husband was uncomfortable with it.  I knew the benefits that encapsulation could give to these women, and I wanted to find a way to educate and alleviate their worries. 


 I wanted to be sure I was doing everything I could to help educate people about it and help set a high standard so that more people could understand it, experience it, and hopefully have as positive of an experience as I did. I opened my own Bloom Placenta’s kitchen. 



Placenta encapsulation exists


It is a real tried & true method that can make all the difference for postpartum mood and recovery. Collective feedback from our clients, friends in the community, and birth workers show that placenta encapsulation can make a huge impact on the days, weeks and months following birth. 


It is accessible. We make it convenient for you. We offer pick up and delivery to many locations, and also ship to many more. 


It is safe. We work at a higher level to educate as many moms, partners, friends and medical providers to the power of placenta encapsulation.. We are certified. We are here to stop the hesitation.


You can have a better birth experience, and I am here to help. I know, because I have been there. 

I believe in you. Let me show you that it’s possible. 


Your friend,