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to Professional Placenta Encapsulation by Bloom.

Bloom was created and is run by me, Shannon Shepherd.

As a 5 time postpartum mama who suffered from depression,

I am very passionate about the potential benefits of

placenta encapsulation. 

What is Placenta Encapsulation?

Placenta encapsulation is the processing of steaming/dehydrating placenta then grinding into a fine powder to be placed into gel caps.

The finished product is a jar of roughly 90-130 pills that the mother will take following a recommended regime that lasts about 1 month.

At Bloom, placentas can be processed through various different methods: steaming, raw start, and the tincture method.

Why Do Women Have Their Placentas Encapsulated?

Potential Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation

Less Postpartum Mood Disorder


Depression & Anxiety

Better Bonding with Baby

Due to the Increase in Oxytocin

"The Love Hormone"

Increased Milk Production

The Placenta Contains

Nutrients that Increase Milk Production

Faster Uterus Recovery

Faster Return of Uterus to 

Normal Size

Less Stress

Decrease in Stress Due to the Increase in CRH, the Stress Reduction Hormone

Increased Weight Loss

The Placenta Contains

Nutrients that Help You Lose Weight

Less Postpartum Bleeding

Who Wouldn't Want

Less Postpartum Bleeding?

Better Iron Levels

Restoration of 

Iron Levels in Blood

Better Postpartum Recovery

Overall, Placenta Encapsulation Helps You Have a Better Recovery

Where Does the Encapsulation Take Place?

Our Professional Kitchen

The Only Professional Placenta Kitchen in Utah!

Bloom processes the placenta in a solely dedicated professional kitchen used only for processing placenta products. This means potential contaminates will not be anywhere near your placenta.


Most of our competition actually processes right in their own personal home kitchen. Strict standards are followed to safeguard the health and safety of our clients and their babies.

The Bloom kitchen has three separate stations for processing placentas. Each station has a dehydrator that heats from the top down. To ensure that the placenta is safe, we always heat it to 160 degrees for 24 hours.  And we follow very strict labeling processes in our professional kitchen to ensure your placenta is secure

Bloom has completed OSHA-approved Blood-born Pathogen and Infection Control training and have Utah food handlers permits and are Association of Placenta Preparation Arts (APPA) certified, which is the most comprehensive placenta preparation training available.

At Bloom we work hard to set the highest standards of service and quality for our clients. This is why we chose to certify through the Association of Placenta Preparations Arts, or APPA. Through over 100 hours of training we learned everything from the anatomy and cultural traditions of the placenta and, most importantly, the safety processes, safe blood born pathogens handling, proper storage and processing temperatures, and the info we value most, when it is not safe to encapsulate. With so many misconceptions and improper handling processes out there, we are proud to have the only professional placenta kitchen in the state of Utah and hold this comprehensive certification. We are confident you will be in good hands with your Bloom Association of Placenta Preparation Arts Certified specialist. 

What is Found in the Placenta?

" During pregnancy, the placenta produces and stores many hormones and nutrients to nourish your baby and sustain pregnancy.  Often with the loss of the placenta, there is a delay before the body resumes natural production. Placenta encapsulation can help bridge this gap. "

- Shannon Shepherd


Enhances the effectiveness of opiods, so pain relief is more effective and less is needed.


Known as the "Love Hormone", produces feelings of happiness and aids in bonding with your infant.


Prepares the mamamry glands for milk production


Releases cortisol to combat stress and increase energy


Reduces Bleeding


Stimulated Iron Production


Anti - Inflammatory


Stimulates the Immune System


Stimulates Milk Production

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You only get one placenta, use it for your self-care during your postpartum recovery.

Looking for more information?

We understand the need for good information to help you make an informed decision.  If you have questions that are not answered about Placenta Encapsulation, or feel the need to talk with someone, request a FREE consultation with us.


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Disclaimer: The act of ingesting placenta in any form has not been tested, nor approved by the FDA. The services offered by Bloom Birth LLC are not intended to diagnose or treat any condition. All claims of treatment on this site are from client experiences and not from medical testing.