Mama, we know the adjustment with a new baby can be hard...


You only get one placenta with this baby, use it for your self care during postpartum recovery

Mamas who have utilized placenta encapsulation report benefits like:​​

Less postpartum mood disorder

Faster uterus recovery

Less postpartum bleeding

Better bonding with Baby

Less Stress

Better Iron Levels

Increased Milk Production

Increased Weight Loss

Better Postpartum Recovery

Why Choose Bloom?

Certified & Professional

Easy & Convenient

  • Onsite ​Pick Up

  • Process done in the only specialized kitchen in Utah that is used solely for placenta encapsulation

  • Delivery of Capsules within 72 hours of birth

  • High quality process and product



Meet Shannon, the Owner and Founder of Bloom. After Her Own Depression and Postpartum Struggles, She has Dedicated Her Heart and Soul to Helping Women.

Doug & Kyndall's Placenta Encapsulation Story